Welcome to our Academy

It is a great pleasure for us, on behalf of our staff and governors, to welcome you to our popular village school.

We are very proud of Easington Primary's pivotal position at the Heart of the Community.

Time spent at a primary school is one of the most exciting parts of children’s lives and at Easington Primary we aim to develop a lifelong passion for learning and the full potential of each and every child in a safe, orderly and caring learning environment

If your child is to join us for the first time we welcome you as parents and look forward to a happy and successful association over the coming years. If you already have a child here we are looking forward to strengthening the links between us.

Success depends on close co-operation between home and the Academy. Children thrive when they know that the adults in their lives are working together. We are keen that the communication between home and school is a two way channel. Parents are warmly invited to get in touch with the class teacher or Headteacher whenever problems occur or advice is needed. We in turn will contact you, whenever the need arises.

Sal Smith - Executive Headteacher

Josie Speck - Chair of Local Governing Committee

We hope you enjoy using our website!